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    Substance abuse in America

    Substance abuse in America

    Do you know 71% of the American high school students’ does not consider the Marijuana smoking as anything harmful for them?

    1 out of 3 students are using the E- vaporizers which are rising alarming health rates.

    ( source: https://www.drugabuse.gov/related-topics/trends-statistics/infographics/monitoring-future-2017-survey-results)

    So, the future is at the stake. The society which is composed of the teenagers are at the substance abuse that is hard to control!!!

    I am not at all excited to share all this with you.

    Substance abuse- a serious thing to consider rightly

    But the main reason behind such information is that:

    With a bit of our concern and support we can bring this percentage to lowest level. Anyone who is into such habits of drugs is medically termed as SUD or substance use disorders.  To come out of such destroying life, it is the medical experts who can help.

    Now what actually a treatment does for the patient?

    Basically it aids in reducing the drug use and closely monitors the health issues.

    If you are lucky enough for early invention, then recovery would also be fast. Otherwise few steps of treatment are compulsory to bring that person back to normal life flow.

    Treatment procedure

    Look at the treatment procedure for the addiction to drugs and substance abuse.

    Treatment period is minimum of three months. Well you may expect the excellent result with a few more months.

    Remember the treatment is planned according to the patient’s need. There is no generalized treatment for the substance abuse.

    Types of treatment for various types of addiction

    Few types of treatment are being given below:

    • Detoxification: well, it is a start for most patients to come out to a new life again. Experts can handle safely the withdrawal symptom. Both inpatient and outpatient program can be planned.
    • Behavioral therapy with counseling: there is cause behind every addiction. Tearing the root of the addiction can help in clearing it off. The therapy is also an important way to handle the treatment in healthier way. Counseling is a motivational proceeding for the patient.
    • Medication: with medication only is only possible if the patient is just stepped in the addiction world. Otherwise, it accompanies with the other steps of treatment. Also there are some cases which can require long term medication assisted treatment (MAT).
    • Support group: we have put this in the last point as it is along step of treatment. This involves 12 step programs. It makes use of the Smart recovery approaches. The main aim in this step is to connect the patients with each other through various ways.

    They say that addiction is a disease, and so it can be treated. Affordable southern California treatment is the best that are looking for the treatment within limited cost. Quality treatment with the best medical experts is provided under the government aid- only to wash away the drug abuse.

    On conclusion

    Treatment is something that not only focuses on the addiction but overall health too. Patients gets an adverse effect on the … Read More