• Lose Weight And Avoid Catastrophic Health Costs
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    Lose Weight And Avoid Catastrophic Health Costs

    You are frightened you can’t afford catastrophic well being services. You think you’ll find nothing that can be done about rising health care costs. But you can. You can exercise and eat correctly to maintain your weight at normal levels. Over thirty percent of Americans are obese. That is over 90 million people understanding that number keeps growing. People who are obese have a greater possibility of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer (particularly endometrial, colon, kidney, esophageal, and postmenopausal cancer of the breast), blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, stop snoring, and arthritis. “I’m not obese so I do not have to worry, right?” Well for a person of the healthy weight who gains 10 pounds that excess weight significantly increases your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Gaining more importance increases your risk exponentially.

    In a study done by John Cawley of Cornell University and Chad Meyerhoefer of Lehigh University it turned out estimated that obesity adds over $2800.00 12 months per an affiliate medical costs. In another study created by RTI International, a not-for-profit think tank, along with the Center for Disease Control found out that normal-weight men miss an average of of three work days annually. Men who are 60 or even more pounds overweight missed five days a year. Normal-weight women get in touch with sick about 3.4 days a year.

    Women who are 30 – 60 pounds overweight miss 5.a couple of days 12 months. Women who are no longer 100 pounds overweight missed approximately 8.2 work days per year. So if you are paid hourly, excess fat could possibly be costing you lack of income at the same time. Likewise, obesity might cost you more income in health care insurance. If your application for medical health care insurance just isn’t declined because obesity could possibly be deemed a bad risk pre-existing condition, your premium may be doubled that of your normal weight individual. So your wallet might be affected by excess fat in one of three ways, medical costs, loss of pay through missing work, and greater premiums for well being services.

    Staying healthy requires exercise and dieting. Eating healthful eating including fruits and vegetables is paramount. If you have a busy schedule, one way of having the requisite volume of vitamin supplements would be to take supplements. Another way of insuring a normal meal on the move can be a low carbohydrate meal replacement or protein shakes. Sound expensive? Believe me, it costs way under $2800.00 annually. Exercise won’t cost $2800.00 per year either. Gym memberships cost a typical o $30.00 – $50.00 per month.

    Even at $50.00 each month, the annual cost would basically be $600.00. If you don’t want to spend the $600.00, you are able to walk or jog with the local high school track. That’s free. One study found out that those who exercised or played sports paid for less in medical costs annually than inactive people. They also saw their doctors less and were inside hospital fewer times. … Read More

  • Is Cheap Medical Insurance a Myth? - The Holy Grail of Benefits and Price
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    Is Cheap Medical Insurance a Myth? – The Holy Grail of Benefits and Price

    Ask one hundred experts if cheap medical insurance exists and you’ll probably acquire one of two answers. Either cheap health insurance is a) a whole myth, or b) its benefits should be inadequate. It’s unfortunate, but you’ll rarely hear “Absolutely. For a few hundred dollars a month, XYZ Company can pay your entire necessary medical bills, it doesn’t matter how many vast amounts they may need to pay.”

    The truth is cost is usually relative, whatever the industry or product showcased. Buyers should be aware the product before concluding whether something is costly or cheap.

    As an example, you could believe that Lottery Tickets are very pricey. At $1.00, they offer without any realistic chance of winning the big prize. Yet lots of people ritualistically buy Lotto per week. Don’t they know the itrrrs likely that against them? Why do they buy? Is it desperation? Are they doing it his or her parents did? Is it the allure of becoming a millionaire without an inheritance, work or substantial investment? Regardless of the reason, most buyers agree the reward outweighs the risk. $1.00 provides them a small potential for winning millions.

    Which brings us to the holy grail of insurance: cheap medical insurance.

    Let’s define what it’s first to achieve some perspective. Cheap medical care insurance provides substantial medical health insurance benefits to get a relatively affordable; the important thing word being “relatively.”

    In essence, there is no-one to determine whether it’s cheap until they first understand two critical components:

     What is being purchased? $100 might be cheap for the diamond, but it’s awfully expensive for a small note. In the complex arena of medical health insurance, this is difficult for anyone not around health care insurance over a everyday basis. Consult with a professional and seek information on each plan being considered. What is the buyer’s financial status? If one makes $2,000 a month, $500 per month is expensive regardless of what it buys. Expenses and overhead also are likely involved. $2,000 goes a whole lot further for a person single versus children in the same city.

    There will always be people who can’t locate the value in Health Insurance, no matter the cost or their income. They simply cannot comprehend the significance of something intangible. This article is not for the people people. However, for those that require the financial protection Medical Insurance provides, here are some solutions for locating it cheap:

     Speak with multiple agents to secure a variety of perspectives Raise the deductible, lower your premiums and save the difference Use ancillary products like Critical Illness and Accident Insurance to assist offset a higher deductible. Shop your medical health insurance regularly. Don’t be afraid to change companies. As long as you can see the doctors that suits you, will it really matter who’s paying them? Look at plans which may have the potential to get a high payout. (i.e. Major Medical plans are stored on the hook for millions of dollars.) Be cautious of plans who have … Read More

  • Do You Need Major Medical Coverage? Tips and Insights
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    Do You Need Major Medical Coverage? Tips and Insights

    Many people don’t understand what major medical coverage is or whether they need coverage for their healthcare situation. However, if you take the time to learn about this type of insurance, you will quickly realize how beneficial it can be for your health insurance needs. Today, most people refer to this type of coverage as fee-for-service or indemnity coverage, but it is all the same thing. Major medical insurance plans are designed to cover unexpected bills and allow members to choose their providers and healthcare facilities freely. There is no network, no pre-planning required, and this plan can help anyone who needs insurance.

    Compensation insurance

    Today’s main medical coverage, now known as compensation insurance by many people, is far more limited and is starting to look more like a traditional health insurance policy. There is still some freedom to be respected, of course, and those who choose this plan will have a little more flexibility than those on traditional health insurance policies. This plan involves a lot of benefits in administration and can be very complicated. However, for people who need something better than traditional insurance plans, the main medical coverage may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Major medical coverage

    It takes care of high-cost illnesses and long-term care, as well as injuries and outpatient care that are associated with these types of situations. It is not a typical insurance plan that lets you get checkups and visit the doctor regularly, but it is a plan that can help with the unexpected expenses in your life. If you don’t need to see a doctor all the time or even if you just want to make sure that you have some kind of coverage when it comes to healthcare, major medical might be a good plan to consider.

    Different people has different needs

    Everyone has different needs in terms of health insurance. If you take the time to examine your options and see what is available, it will be easy to find the right coverage for your needs. You have to make sure you can do anything to get protection when you need it, and if you only need something in case of an emergency, major medical care is the right choice. When it comes to getting health insurance, everything is better than nothing. If you think that you cannot afford a traditional health insurance policy, consider getting a primary medical coverage at least, for unexpected costs.… Read More

  • Discount Medical Plans - Why Does Health Insurance Cost Ten Times More Than a Discount Medical Plan?
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    Discount Medical Plans – Why Does Health Insurance Cost Ten Times More Than a Discount Medical Plan?

    As you read this article, I think you will begin to see what over two million people already know…1. discount medical plans are the wave of the future, and…2. health insurance is WAY over-rated. Sure, it is wonderful when your employer is paying the majority of the cost of your insurance premium,  if the remaining expense is still more than your budget allows?  if you do not have any employer to share the price paid for the  are you supposed to do then?

    More and more people who live in one of the wealthiest countries in the United States

    basically ‘living on a prayer’ when it comes to health insurance. In fact, it is estimated that sixty percent of Americans do not have adequate coverage for their family. That is a very scary statistic, if you ask me.

    Some of the individuals without any protection have chronic health concerns and either need to pay excessive premiums, because they have been ‘rated’ by the insurance company, or are told that they are TOO ill to obtain any coverage at all.

    Is there a solution that will not require re-mortgaging your , that will not exclude the pre-existing conditions that absolutely MUST be covered?

    Ever hear of discount medical plans?

    They accept anyone into the program…there is no age limit, and there are no restrictions. It is simple…unlike  claim forms, co-pays or deductibles! Everyone pays the same monthly fee, and it covers their entire  if they are not related.

    And…dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic savings are included, as well as lab work, imaging, and lots more.

    So…would you rather fork out a few hundred a month to play the ‘little insurance games’, or…could you think of something a little more fun to spend the substantial savings that you will experience every month after paying for the discount medical plan?

    I thought so…… Read More

  • Fibromyalgia and Insurance - A Brief Overview
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    Fibromyalgia and Insurance – A Brief Overview

    Fibromyalgia is an arthritis-related illness that is misunderstood and often misdiagnosed. People may feel aches all over and have symptoms of crippling fatigue. They may have parts of the body causing pain when touched. They may have issues with sleep, mood changes, and depression. The muscles may feel pulled or over-worked even without exercise. The muscles may also twitch, burn, or the person may have a stabbing pain. They may have aches and pain around the joints in the hips, back, neck, and shoulders. A person may also have abdominal pain, an inability to concentrate, and numbness or tingling in the hands and feet.

    There are no x-ray’s or lab tests to diagnose fibromyalgia and so many times this disease is misdiagnosed, for problems such as, depression, inflammatory arthritis, and chronic fatigue syndrome, which only prolongs the proper care to the patient. Simply by gaining knowledge of this disease a person can recognize the symptoms and express their concerns when visiting a physician. The doctor will then do a physical exam and lab tests to make sure the problem is nothing more serious. Lifestyle changes may help improve sleep and decrease pain. A person may also be prescribed prescription medication to help pain.

    When trying to get health insurance if a person lists Fibromyalgia as a pre-existing condition they may have difficulty getting coverage. If the company chooses to cover the patient there may be limitations or restrictions with what the insurance company will pay for. Some may even deny coverage because they fill the patient is too risky and will require too much medical treatment. There are also certain medications they may not cover. There are alternative treatments for this disease such as massage, meditation, acupuncture, and visiting a chiropractor and tend to work well for many fibromyalgia sufferers.

    Anyone with fibromyalgia can do things to help them cope with the disease. They should try to reduce stressful situations, try to get out in the sun more, use better lighting when they are at the computer, try to overcome insomnia, and try some mental relaxation techniques. A person can also try to get more rest by taking a short nap and use a cold pack on the back of the neck when lying down to help bring on a quieter mood. Many times heat also works to relieve stiffness and soreness. Regular exercise can reap huge benefits as well.… Read More